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5 Ways to profit from digital marketing through the next 8 years

The digital marketplace is evolving even more quickly with each passing year. Online services are becoming more competitive, customers are getting pickier, more and more people are ordering products on demand and are finding more and more ways of cutting out the middleman. With the development of new technologies and the constant evolution of consumer trends, strategies that worked five years ago, or even 6 months ago, as in the case of digital marketing, will not work so well today.

So, we are giving you 5 strategies to keep you relevant.

1. Create a values-based brand

Millennials are currently the highest proportion of the workforce. This means that soon the primary customer-base for most businesses will be this generation. Getting to know them better and anticipating their needs is important. One essential thing to keep in mind is that millennials are brand loyal, but they don’t go for prestige brands like the previous generation, they like brands that embodies their lifestyle values.

Evaluate what core values your business represent and ways in which you can display and clearly define those values in your branding. This will attract and retain more millennial clients. They also care about purpose and social responsibility, so if you can turn your brand in a movement this will be a plus.

With the increasing costs of attracting new customers, prioritising customer loyalty is a smart way to sustain your business.

2: Get personal with your customers

Personalization is great way to increase brand loyalty by as much as 28%. Most Millennials are okay with businesses using their personal information to make more personal recommendations to them. If you focus on getting to really know your customers your business can really grow. Personalization increases shopping frequency, especially if the right messages with the right personal touch get out at the right time. You can add personalisation in your business by tracking customer purchases and following up by email with similar recommendations. You can also personalise your website content with free tools, such as Add This, to create recommendations and personalised messages to your visitors.

3: Focus on conversions

Conversion is when a potential customer takes an action, such as sign up for a newsletter or buys a product. Watch your conversion rates on a regular basis and evaluate if your digital marketing strategies are working.

4: Pay to play

Social Media really is the way to go with digital marketing even with the rising costs to advertise on these platforms. Facebook remains a popular choice for marketers because it is still the largest social media platform with over 2 billion users. However, the challenge with Facebook is you have to pay-to-play, you have to pay in order to get results. The good news is this does not have to be expensive. A $5 boost to a post can really go a long way to reaching your target audience, and a newsfeed ad can be as low as $15. However, bear in mind that these costs will go up as the platform becomes more and more saturated.

Here are some tips to help make you Facebook campaigns really count:

  • Get on board with the pay-to-play action while it’s still available.

  • Use Facebook to build your custom audience and drive traffic to your blog or website.

  • Track the people who are actually visiting your site with a Facebook “retargeting” pixel.

  • Give people a reason to sign up to your email list so you can contact them whenever you want for free.

5: Be obsessive about your old-school marketing

While we making the best of our use of new media, we must not forget old school methods that add a personal touch in your marketing campaigns. Focus on creating an emotional connection with your customers. Here are a few tips to start.

Send a physical thank you note, a personalised greeting card or thank you gift. These are most effective when sent for birthdays, during the holidays or during a challenging time. Tools such as Bond and Thankbot can come in really handy.

Connect with new prospects over the phone. You can do this for example after a purchase or after a download. This adds a personal element that is meaningful and it will stay in the customer’s memory for a long time.

Don’t forget Face-Time-Meeting. These meetings can be very effective in creating a longlasting and meaningful connection between you and your clients. Great apps for this include Zoom and Skype, especially for international customers.

Which tip did you find most helpful? Leave a comment to let us know what you think. Do you have any more tips that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.

Happy marketing!

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About the Author

Taneallea Feddis,

Founder/Managing Director, BlackWall Consultants

She is an educator, website designer and content marketer.​ She helps entrepreneurs develop their business through coaching and developing their digital strategy. She is passionate about teaching new skills to others, and her goal is to encourage and assist Caribbean businesses with their digital transformation and sharing in their success stories. Click here to learn more about Taneallea Feddis.

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