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5 best online gigs you can do from home in 2021 and beyond

Working from home is now becoming even more popular since 2020. As more and more people move their business online, there are even more opportunities for those who want the freedom to earn extra income working from home. Here are five profitable gigs you can do from home.

1: Virtual assistant

If you have excellent organizational skills you can get paid for helping to keep an executive organised. You can work right from home answering emails, scheduling meetings and carrying out other administrative tasks. Some great platforms to start with are Free Up, Peopleperhour, Fiverr or Upwork.

2: Translator

If you are bilingual and can translate documents, websites and promotional materials for other businesses, this may be a good gig for you. I recommend starting out by creating a website to build credibility. You can then start freelancing on websites, such as Fiverr, UPwork and Flexjobs to slowly build your portfolio.

3: Online tutoring

Since the onset of the pandemic, the demand for online tutoring has become exponential. It has also become a popular option for teachers. That said, competition is higher than normal. Try websites such as Skooli,, and Preply when starting out.

4: Digital event planning

If you can organise and report on digital events, such as, webinars for business clients, this may be a good endeavour for you. You can charge hourly for your services and plan events right there on your couch.

5: Virtual dance tutor

You can record steps and choreography from home. All you’ll need is video conferencing software like zoom and high speed internet. Make sure your classes are regular to keep your students motivated. You can also partner with dance schools to give their students access to your classes or content, which makes this a great passive income opportunity as well.

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About the Author

Taneallea Feddis,

Founder/Managing Director, BlackWall Consultants

She is an educator, website designer and content marketer.​ She helps entrepreneurs develop their business through coaching and developing their digital strategy. She is passionate about teaching new skills to others, and her goal is to encourage and assist Caribbean businesses with their digital transformation and sharing in their success stories. Click here to learn more about Taneallea Feddis.

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