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10 travel agent tips and tricks

It is still a good time to be in travel. While we expect the industry to change in the next few years, there are some evergreen strategies you should consider adding to your strategic plans, if you haven’t already.

Here are HackCentral’s 10 travel agent tips and tricks.

Tip #1: Have a business plan

This will help you to organize your mission and vision for your business. It will also provide structure and direction. Be sure to include goals and the deadline for completing each. Your goals should be measurable, challenging and achievable. Go back to your business plan from time to time to check if you are meeting your targets.

Tip #2: Always be on the lookout for promotional opportunities

If you are looking for something, you will always find it. Opportunities to promote your brand come in many forms, public relations, social media, forums, blogs, commenting on other people’s blogs, and more.

It’s also to great idea to become the go to for media outlets, directories and other publications in your niche. Be active in your community. Attend fundraisers, meet ups, networking and other events. You never know when an opportunity will present itself and it’s a good idea to be ready.

Tip #3: Use social media strategically

Don’t randomly post pictures and comments, develop a campaign. Create a series of related posts about a topic to grab interest and will encourage people to follow you to find out more. For example, for one week dedicate posts to all-inclusive resorts and another to Caribbean getaways.

Tip #4: Give yourself daily tasks and deadlines that lead to a major goal

Giving yourself daily deadlines helps you to be more productive. It also helps you to audit your progress as you work towards your monthly, quarterly or annual goals. It also breaks up the work into manageable chunks, so that you can get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

Tip #5: Treat every client like your business depends on it

Customer service should be your number one priority. The personal component is the cornerstone for travel agents. Customers want to know that they can put their confidence in you and have nothing to worry about, except showing up. So, get back to clients directly and if possible meet them in person.

Be a good listener and be curious. Find out what is essential for them: pools, large rooms, a view of the ocean, and/or air conditioning? The more you know about your clients, the more you can plan a vacation package that will wow them. Project your knowledge so that your clients know that you know what you are talking about.

Be consistent and responsible. Again they are depending on you to take care of everything, so they have no worries. And most importantly, be patient and flexible.

Tip#6: Manage information on your clients

Have a comprehensive knowledge of your clients. Keep a profile on each noting passport details, dietary preferences, allergies, credit card authorizations, trip insurance waivers, and more. Revisit these profiles annually and have a checklist of what documents should go to each client and when.

Tip #7: Collect testimonials and ask your clients to refer friends

Use the testimonials you receive on your website, social media and for your promotional campaigns. Word of mouth is also the best form of advertising, so encourage clients to refer their friends.

Tip #8: Stay up-to-date with technology

Provide information about your client’s itinerary, bookings, et cetera, in the newest format available, unless of course, they prefer a more traditional method. This is especially true for older clients. Also find out how they prefer to stay connected. Do they use Whatsapp? Or would they prefer emails?

Tip #9: No job is too small

If someone wants a private half-day city tour, take it. This is a great chance to show off your knowledge and skills. They may be encouraged to book a more extensive package with you later.

Tip #10: When travelling, have as many experiences as you can

These you can more effectively sell to clients, because you have firsthand experience of what you are suggesting. Make your activities varied that accounts for different tastes, from adventurous and uniquely cultural activities to the mundane, such as which restaurants to eat at. While you are in a destination, get information particular about that place, such as when to go and when not to go, challenges and opportunities.

Which tip did you find most useful? Tell us or suggest your own tips by leaving a comment.

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About the Author

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Founder/Managing Director, BlackWall Consultants

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